August 3 2020

How well do you know Jesus?

If someone walked up to you and asked you how well you know Jesus, what would you say?

It is an interesting question especially if you think about it from the perspective of someone asking you about a close friend.

Would your answer be very personal in the way it would if you were talking about a friend you have lived with for some time or would it be more like someone you know about from what others say or what the media reports?

We live in a culture here in America that is not always the best at going straight to the source to get information. We would rather trust someone who we think of as an expert to tell us what we should believe. Christianity is certainly not immune to this trap. Many are too distracted to check out Jesus for themselves; or in some cases do not think they know how to check him out.

I want to encourage you to check out Jesus for yourself. You might be surprised what you find out. He might not be the person you thought he was or had been told he was. It might surprise you to find out that he once provided a large amount of wine for a wedding reception, that he entered the place of worship and told those in charge that they must stop using religion to make money, or that he once was the only one defending a woman caught in an affair.

If you are open to discovering the real Jesus, you might be surprised by what you will learn.  Jesus has shown himself to be open to being discovered.  While he was on earth a couple of men wanted to find out about where he lived (probably because being in a man’s home can tell you a lot about that man.)  He invited them to come and see.

I want to invite you over the weeks ahead to come back to this website and join us in looking at the real Jesus.  We will look at the writings of the men that were his closest friends. They were men who knew him well.  They were so captivated by what they saw in him that they each died trying to advance him and his teachings to their world.

I wonder if the same might happen to us if we really knew him?  Are you willing to take a closer look at Jesus?

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